lunedì 19 febbraio 2007

A holy memory of my travel to Orissa, India

Kallu, my holy brother , my dear friend, do you remember what beautiful day you and me have spent at the Triveni Sangam, in Allahabad, during the Ardh mela? First of all, you has purged yourself in the Ganga, satisfied that by your immersion all your bad karma was flowing into the holy river, like the milk, like the flowers that you was donating to the Mather Ganga, as me, on the shore, that as you was saying the holy mantras, guided by the same pujari :

On Ganga Ma!

Om Yamuna ma!

Om Sarasvati ma!

Om Triveni ma!

The faith of your childlike hearth purifying your soul in what polluted, contaminated holy water !

That's why Your prayers to Lord Shiva, to Amitabha Buddha, are reaching God, the same Ishvara, more than my weak, fixed prayers to Jesus Christ

Peter, from China, for the Chunjie

Peter, from Jilin, China, for the Chunjie
( for the chinese New Year's Day)

Yesterday Peter. alias Linming Xuan*,wrote me from China this e-mail, at the height of his happiness for the celebrations of the Chinese New Year's Day

Festival Felice Della Molla!( happy spring festival!) I don't know whether it is right spelling
These days are the spring festival in China , I'm so happy... So I send and e-mail to you!
How's everthing going for you these days ? smooth or hard ?
I eat a lot of delicious food during the festival!! so happy!
wish you happy .
waiting for your letters!

I replied him:

My dear Peter,
Thanks for your greetings of Happy Chunjie !
The italian name of the spring festival ( the Chunji) is "Festa della Primavera ( Spring) "or "Capodanno lunare cinese . " F
estival Felice della Molla" doesn't mean anything!
I m very happy for your present Happiness, eating delicious foods!
My lyfe is beautiful, and great, but not smooth!
My dear friend, If you like now you can become a member of my blog ,
writing me and my students how you are spending happily the Chunjie,.
Your friend Odorico

The delicious chinese foods,

our friendship, surviving and increasing, three years after our meeting,
when I helped Peter to reach the top of the Great Wall, in Badaling,

when, after, we reached together the metro in Beijing,-

his hard studies, his detached family.
And whatever else in his life, in your life, my friend?

For the pictures many thanks to

domenica 11 febbraio 2007

My previous lonely Happiness

Kallu, my dear friend

My dream of you, my dear friend, is interminable.
My dream of you is your image in my hearth, in my mind, in which you are dreaming by our friendship, by your work, a marvelous future for your children,

-your enchanting son ,

your delightful daughter,

alongside you and your wife,

you and me friends for ever,

living together a long, long life, again, by all the holy India's lands, no more separated by thousands of miles, but next-door neighbours in some remote village of the Madhya Pradesh, a green, clean, quiet place, as your hearth of hearts.

Sii, Tu, in me,

Sii Tu, in me,
in così strenua fatica,
del ramo il turgore che germina ancora,
la linfa che ripercorre l' inaridirsi della fibra stremata,
sii Tu in una voce, che ancora richiama,
fra l'acredine della morsa il soffio d'amore.

sabato 3 febbraio 2007



Se allo sguardo temi il volto, larva di luna,

ed al limitare il piede vacilla,
mentre la parola sbianca
svanendo, immancabilmente,
quanto tu fosti
già bestia di fogna,
sterco di lastrico,
in quante altre vite morte tu soffocherai
ove sfiaterà il grido l'apparire del boia,
povero seme, dovunque ricadi,
stritolato trai sassi dalla ruota che gira.

my first blog script

I m Odorico
I'm writing this script, for learning to teach to my students how they can realize a blog for linking my school , the Itis Enrico Fermi of Mantova, and the schools in Sarnat and Bodhgaya of the Alice project of Universal Education of Valentino Giacomin.

I hope that in this way the love can unify more and more my life with every human life of my friends and of my painful neighbour.

I'm happy , now, being in love . Today Kailash, my indian friend that last summer and last winter fellowed me in the schools of Sarnat and Bodhgaya, called me lovingly by phone.

And one weak ago, from Urumqi Caroline Huan, my chinese friend, wrote me as follows, about my return to the Alice project Schools:
"My italian friend Odorico,
Thank you so much for sharing your nice experience with me.You are so kind to support your friend family and the school in the indian holy Bouddisth Pleaces of Sarnat and Bodhgaya.It gives student knowledge of Buddha,right?I think,my friend,I believe you can enjoy a peaceful mind when you listen to the Buddha music.You know,India is holy Land of Buddhism.Why don't you know more about that when you come to India.
As for my things, I am fine in Xinjiang now and I do sth about psychological counceling with the ideas of oriential and western.We try to combine the idea of Chinese traditional medicine to psychological counceling.That is big project and need a lot of work,right?
I understand that the teaching is a tough work and teacher should work hard and will face different pressure from the new technology\new knowledge and problems from students. But I think the Buddha music will make you feel better and give your strength if you enjoy them often.
Take care